Robert Fine

1945 - 2018
country of citizenship:  United Kingdom
languages spoken, written or signed:  English
occupation:  sociologist

Robert Fine (1945 – 9 June 2018) was a British sociologist. He was a leading European scholar on the history of social and political thought, cosmopolitan social theory, the social theory of Karl Marx and Hannah Arendt, the Holocaust and contemporary antisemitism, crimes against humanity and human rights. He was a Professor Emeritus at Warwick University. He died on 9 June 2018.In 1996, he won a landmark case against a student who was stalking him, the first time anyone had won damages for being stalked and the first civil action in which a judge had defined stalking. The case was the topic of his memoir Being Stalked (1997), described by The Daily Telegraph as candid and troubling. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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