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JOTX-DTV (channel 7), branded as TV Tokyo, is a Japanese television station that serves as the flagship of the TX Network. It is owned and operated by TV Tokyo Corporation, itself a subsidiary of TV Tokyo Holdings Corporation, in turn a subsidiary of Nikkei, Inc. It is headquartered in the Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo. TV Tokyo is one of the five private broadcasters based in Tokyo, and the last to have started its broadcasts on VHF. The predecessor of TV Tokyo was Tokyo Channel 12, which was broadcast using the bandwidth returned by the US military stationed in Japan. However, similar to Nihon Educational Television (NET TV), which was also a private educational television station, Tokyo Channel 12 faced a serious business crisis after its launch due to low ratings. Nihon Keizai Shimbun took over the operation of Tokyo Channel 12 in 1969 and officially converted it into a comprehensive television station in 1973. In 1981, Tokyo Channel 12 was renamed TV Tokyo. Since its launch, TV Tokyo's ratings have been ranked last among the core bureaus in Tokyo, and its program production costs are also far lower than those of other stations. Moreover, TXN does not cover the whole of Japan, and its scale is much smaller than the other four network networks. However, the above-mentioned unfavorable factors also make TV Tokyo's program arrangement and news content significantly different from other private TV stations. It has unique program creativity and style, and has established unique strong areas such as animation and economic programs. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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