Storm Catchers


Storm Catchers by Tim Bowler is a book is filled with mystery, drama, and adventure, based on a kidnap in the middle of a storm. It was first published in 2001. Fin is devastated when his sister is kidnapped. Poor Ella, snatched away from their isolated family home in the middle of a raging storm. Fin will never forgive himself for leaving her on her own. Still, at least they'll get her back when they've paid the money. But the kidnapper has more than just money on his mind. And as his plans unfold, Fin and his family are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets. A storm is breaking, and it's going to change everything... "She was simply crying. Crying as the rain drove into her face, crying as the gate opened before her. Crying as he took her away." Tap.Tap.Tap. Fin has gone to check out Billy's new computer, and leaves his brother and sister, Sam and Ella, at home. Little does he know that something devastating is about to take place. In the middle of this coastal storm, Ella has been stolen away by a mysterious kidnapper at night. The Parnell family is shocked-and is being torn apart by Ella's kidnapping. The kidnapper is showing no sign of relenting, giving any information on Ella's state, and saying what he really wants. Until one day, he reveals his plans, and tells the Parnell family what he wants with Ella. On the other hand, Sam has been frequently running towards the old Pengrig lighthouse to catch the Storm. Sam has been talking to himself. When asked, he simply replies, "It's a secret." As time goes on, the Parnell family is forced to unravel their past, full of their deepest, darkest secrets. Maybe getting Ella back wasn't as easy as they thought.
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original title: Storm Catchers
language: English
date of publication: 2001
genre: young adult literature, novel


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