Sufyan ibn `Uyaynah cover

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Sufyan ibn `Uyaynah

Hadith scholar

725   -   815

country of citizenship: Umayyad Caliphate, Abbasid Caliphate
occupation: muhaddith
student of: Ayoub al-Sakhtiyani, Shu'ba Ibn al-Ḥajjāj, Sulaimān Ibn-Mihrān Al-A’mash, Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, Sufyan al-Thawri

Abū Muḥammad Sufyān ibn ʽUyaynah ibn Maymūn al-Hilālī al-Kūfī (Arabic: ابو محمد سفيان بن عيينة بن ميمون الهلالي الكوفي‎) (725 – (814-02-25)February 25, 814) was a prominent eighth-century Islamic religious scholar from Mecca. He was from the third generation of Islam referred to as the Tābiʽu al-Tābiʻīn, "the followers of the followers". He specialized in the field of hadith and Qur'an exegesis and was described by al-Dhahabī as shaykh al-Islam—a preeminent Islamic authority. Some of his students achieved much renown in their own right, establishing schools of thought that have survived until the present.
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