Tamír Triad

first publication date:  2001
genre:  high fantasy
original language:  American English

The Tamír Triad is a fantasy trilogy by American writer Lynn Flewelling. It contains three novels, and has a sister series, The Nightrunner Series, which contains seven. The series contains mythopoeia. The resounding issue dealt with within the series is the on-and-off war between two fictional countries, Skala and Plenimar, and their citizens, with other countries and people often getting caught in the crossfire. The series focuses on Queen Tamír II, known throughout her childhood as Prince Tobin, and how she goes from being a sad, haunted child to a Warrior Queen. Dark magic was used to disguise her in childhood from her uncle, who would have all the women in his line killed in case they tried to take his throne, but the Oracle predicts that Tamír will be Queen, and many people go to unbelievable lengths to make sure that it happens. It has been translated into multiple languages and published in multiple countries, including Russia. Bantam Spectra is the publishing company of all three, as well as the sister series, The Nightrunner Series. Source: Wikipedia (en)

Series - wd:Q7681996

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