The Enchanter Reborn

first publication date:  1992
genre:  fantasy
part of the series:  Harold Shea
original title:  The Enchanter Reborn
original language:  English
followed by:  The Exotic Enchanter

The Enchanter Reborn is an anthology of five fantasy short stories edited by American writers L. Sprague de Camp and Christopher Stasheff, the first volume in their continuation of the Harold Shea series by de Camp and Fletcher Pratt. It was first published in paperback by Baen Books in 1992; an ebook edition followed from the same publisher in May 2013. The book has also been translated into Italian. All but one of the pieces are original to the anthology; the exception, de Camp's "Sir Harold and the Gnome King", first appeared in the World Fantasy Convention program book in 1990 and was then published as a separate chapbook in 1991. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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