The Fire Kimono

date of publication:  2008-11
original title:  The Fire Kimono
language:  English

The Fire Kimono is a 2008 mystery novel written by Laura Joh Rowland, set in the Genroku period (AD 1688–1704) in Japan. It is the 13th book in the Sano Ichirō series. This time, Sano is assigned to a sensitive murder investigation more than four decades old involving a member of the Tokugawa clan, cousin to his lord Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. The murder apparently occurred during the historical Great Fire of Meireki that destroyed much of Edo city and took the lives of many people in the confusion. Sano is shocked when his mother becomes embroiled in the case as a primary suspect and learns there is much more to her than he had ever imagined. Meanwhile, the tension between Sano and Lord Matsudaira reaches a boiling point and they are on the verge of open warfare, a situation brought about by the manipulation of Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu who had earlier escaped from exile. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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