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The Intuitionist


The Intuitionist is a 1999 speculative fiction novel by American writer Colson Whitehead. The Intuitionist takes place in a city (implicitly, New York) full of skyscrapers and other buildings requiring vertical transportation in the form of elevators. The time, never identified explicitly, is one when black people are called "colored" and integration is a current topic. The protagonist is Lila Mae Watson, an elevator inspector of the "Intuitionist" school. The Intuitionists practice an inspecting method by which they ride in an elevator and intuit the state of the elevator and its related systems. The competing school, the "Empiricists", insists upon traditional instrument-based verification of the condition of the elevator. Watson is the second black inspector and the first black female inspector in the city.
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original title: The Intuitionist
language: English
date of publication: 1999
genre: science fiction novel
narrative location: New York City
followed by: John Henry Days


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