The Last Chronicle of Barset

date of publication:  1866-12-01
part of the series:  Chronicles of Barsetshire
original title:  The Last Chronicle of Barset
language:  English

The Last Chronicle of Barset is a novel by English author Anthony Trollope, published in 1867. It is the sixth and final book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series, preceded by The Small House at Allington. The novel is set in the county of Barsetshire and deploys characters from the earlier novels, whilst concentrating on the personnel associated with the cathedral. The main narrative thread is catalyzed by the loss of a cheque which had been in the possession of the Reverend Josiah Crawley, and the subsequent reactions of his friends and enemies. Trollope drew inspiration from his father and mother in the creation of the Rev. and Mrs. Crawley. In his autobiography, Trollope regards this novel as "the best novel I have written.", though later commentators do not agree with this judgement. The serialization was illustrated by G H Thomas who was selected by the publisher, though Trollope had wished for Millais who had illustrated The Small House. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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