The Legend of Sun Knight

original language:  Chinese

The Legend of Sun Knight (traditional Chinese: 吾命騎士; simplified Chinese: 吾命骑士; pinyin: wú mìng qíshì) is a Taiwanese novel series written by Yu Wo. It was originally published in Taiwan, later also being translated into Thai. The series was completed in eight volumes, and Yu Wo wrote several spin-offs. It was later adapted into a manhua. Narrated by the eponymous Sun Knight, Grisia Sun, the story follows the exploits of the 38th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. It takes place on a polytheistic, fictional continent during a pseudo-medieval time period, with a social structure similar to that found in high fantasy role-playing games. In this world, where gods are real and constantly striving for power, various religions have formed to worship the most powerful deities. The oldest and most respected of these religions is the Church of the God of Light, based in the Kingdom of Forgotten Sound. The Church of the God of Light was founded and led by the renowned Twelve Holy Knights, each of whom had a distinctive personality. The following generations of the Twelve Holy Knights are expected to have the same recognizable characteristics, forcing them to conceal their true selves. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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