The Unicorn Chronicles

The Unicorn Chronicles is a series of young adult fantasy novels by Bruce Coville set in a fantasy world, Luster, that lies parallel to our own. Within this realm exist all sorts of fantastical and mythological beasts, from the familiar unicorn to the strange, squirrel-like creature known as the Squijum. The story begins when Cara Hunter is sent to Luster via a magical amulet given to her by her grandmother, Ivy Morris. Cara is asked to tell the Queen of the Unicorns that "The Wanderer is weary." Her quest to find the Queen quickly becomes dangerous as Cara is caught up in a battle between the unicorns and the group of humans attempting to find and kill them. During her travels she befriends and is aided by the world's inhabitants, such as Lightfoot, a young unicorn prince, M'Gama, a Geomancer who draws magical power from the earth, and the Dimblethum, a bearlike creature, among many others. The more Cara explores Luster, the more she comes to question everything she thought she knew about her world back home. The series was originally published as four books between 1994 and 2010 but began republication in 2020 with changes. In order to make the books more uniform in size, the last two books will be split into five for a seven book series.The first novel in the series was chosen as a finalist for the Young Adults' Choices for 1996 list, a project funded by the International Literacy Association. The second novel was chosen for the 2001 list. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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