Theater Hopper

original title:  Theater Hopper

Theater Hopper is a semi-autobiographical webcomic based on the escapades of characterized versions of author Tom Brazelton, his wife Cami, and buddy Jared, as they discuss, attend, and purchase films. It is the self-described "longest-running movie-themed webcomic", having run for over ten years from August 2, 2002 to December 31, 2012.With a personal and academic history with comics and design, Brazelton combined the two interests to develop Theater Hopper in 2002. The first characters are based on the artist and those close to him, requiring a thin line to be tread between reality and fantasy. The inclusion of original characters in 2004 allowed for more freedom in storytelling, as well as the introduction of story arcs. Emphasizing the writing over the art, Brazelton performs the latter with a combination of hand-drawn art and digital coloring. Over the years, Theater Hopper's schedule shifted from three times a week to once a week in 2010. The site began with receiving only about 50 unique visitors per day, but over the years, that number has fluctuated between 3,000 and 10,000. Brazelton covers the cost of running the site through advertising and selling physical books of Theater Hopper strips. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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