This Is It


This Is It is a comic novel by Joseph Connolly first published in 1996 about a womanizer who leads a double life, with workdays in London and weekends in the country. When he has an accident and is left partly immobilized for some time, he cannot keep to his sophisticated schedule any longer, and suddenly people who are never meant to meet are in danger of coming face to face with each other and blowing his cover. On top of all that, he is being blackmailed for a criminal activity which is nothing to do with his double life but, with his money having run out, his options are either to be brought to justice or to face serious bodily harm by the hands of the blackmailer. The novel ends on an optimistic note, with the blackmailer out of the way and the protagonist just a little wiser.
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date of publication: 1996
genre: comic novel

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