The Chips Are Down

first publication date:  1947
original title:  Les jeux sont faits
original language:  French

The Chips Are Down (French: Les jeux sont faits [le ʒø sɔ̃ fɛ]) is a screenplay written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1943 and published in 1947. The original title translates literally as "the plays are made", an idiomatic French expression used mainly in casino gambling meaning "the bets have been placed", as well as the French translation of alea iacta est. An English translation (no longer in print) was made from the French by Louise Varèse in 1948, and published as The Chips Are Down. The story is set in Paris, in a setting vaguely suggestive of German-occupied northern France (or perhaps Vichy France) during World War II. The plot concerns two characters, Pierre Dumaine and Ève Charlier. They are predestined to be soulmates, but this destiny is prevented by their premature violent deaths, and they do not meet until passing into the afterlife. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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