Aelius Lampridius


country of citizenship: ancient Rome
occupation: historian

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Ælius Lampridus was a historical Roman figure, and one of the six pseudo-authors of the Historia Augustus. It has been suggested that Ælius Lampridus is the same as Ælius Spartianus, another of the pseudo-authors, whose full name was Ælius Lampridus Spartianus.Lives attributed to Ælius Lampridus are Commodus, "Diadumenus", Heliogabalus and Severus Alexander.
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Augustan History

late Roman collection of biographies, written in Latin, of the Roman Emperors, their junior colleagues, designated heirs and usurpers of the period 117–284; much of its content is regarded as fictional

author: Flavius Vopiscus, Aelius Spartianus, Vulcacius Gallicanus, Iulius Capitolinus, Aelius Lampridius, Trebellius Pollio

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