Josef Breuer cover

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Josef Breuer

Austrian physician

1842   -   1925

country of citizenship: Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Republic of German-Austria, First Republic of Austria
language of expression: German
educated at: University of Vienna
occupation: physician, university teacher, philosopher, psychoanalyst, physiologist

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Josef Breuer (German: [ˈbʁɔʏɐ]; 15 January 1842 – 20 June 1925) was a distinguished physician who made key discoveries in neurophysiology, and whose work in the 1880s with his patient Bertha Pappenheim, known as Anna O., developed the talking cure (cathartic method) and laid the foundation to psychoanalysis as developed by his protégé Sigmund Freud.
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Studies on Hysteria

book by Sigmund Freud

author: Sigmund Freud, Josef Breuer


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