Book of Han

first publication date:  200
original title:  漢書
original language:  Old Chinese
main subject:  Western Han

The Book of Han (Hàn Shū,《漢書》) is a history of China finished in 111 CE, covering the Western, or Former Han dynasty from the first emperor in 206 BCE to the fall of Wang Mang in 23 CE. The work was composed by Ban Gu (32–92 CE), an Eastern Han court official, with the help of his sister Ban Zhao, continuing the work of their father, Ban Biao. They modelled their work on the Records of the Grand Historian, a cross-dynastic general history, but theirs was the first in this annals-biography form to cover a single dynasty. It is the best source, sometimes the only one, for many topics such as literature in this period. The Book of Han is also called the History (or Book) of the Former Han (Qián Hàn Shū,《前漢書》) to distinguish it from the Book of the Later Han (Hòu Hàn shū 《後漢書》) which covers the Eastern Han period from 25 to 220 CE, and was composed in the fifth century by Fan Ye (398–445 CE). Source: Wikipedia (en)

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