The Play's the Thing


The Play's the Thing is a comedic play adapted by P. G. Wodehouse from the 1924 Hungarian play Játék a Kastélyban (Play at the Castle) by Ferenc Molnár. It premiered in 1926 in New York.In the play, a playwright named Sandor Turai comes up with a plan to save the engagement between his nephew Albert and an actress named Ilona after Albert overhears a flirtatious conversation between Ilona and an obnoxious actor. The title comes from a quotation from Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2. Molnár's play was also adapted into an English-language play by Tom Stoppard, under the title Rough Crossing (1984).
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original title: The Play's the Thing
language: English
based on: Play at the Castle
genre: comedy


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