"Star" (Japanese: スタア, Hepburn: "Sutā") is a short story by Yukio Mishima. It was originally published in the November 1960 issue of Gunzo, a literary magazine published by Kodansha. It was later included alongside "Patriotism" and "Hyakuman'en senbei" (百万円煎餅) in the short story collection of the same name, Sutā (スタア), which was published on 30 January 1961 by Shinchosha.Published shortly after Mishima had his first starring role in a film, "Star" tells the story of a popular young actor disillusioned with fame and the anxietes he has over his with his career and public image. Relatively forgotten in Japan and overshadowed by Mishima's other works, "Star" was later translated into English by Sam Bett. Bett's translation was published as a standalone novella in paperback format by New Directions Publishing on 30 April 2019 (ISBN 978-0-8112-2842-8) and through the Penguin Modern Classics series of Penguin Books on 4 April 2019 (ISBN 978-0-241-38347-6). Bett was awarded the 2019–2020 Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Prize for the Translation of Japanese Literature for his translation of Mishima's short story.
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original title: スタア
language: Japanese
date of publication: 1960
published in: Gunzo


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