Nahum Sokolow cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Nahum Sokolow

Hebrew journalist, editor, essayist, and political leader (1859-1936)

1859   -   1936

country of citizenship: Russian Empire, United Kingdom, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
language of expression: German, French, Yiddish, Polish, English, Russian, Hebrew
occupation: linguist, journalist, writer, translator, poet, politician, biographer

Nahum Sokolow (Nahum ben Joseph Samuel Sokolow, Hebrew: נחום ט' סוקולוב‎ Nachum ben Yosef Shmuel Soqolov, Yiddish: סאָקאָלאָוו‎, 10 January 1859 – 17 May 1936) was a Zionist leader, author, translator, and a pioneer of Hebrew journalism.
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