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iXIT Corporation (iXIT株式会社, Kabushiki gaisha iXIT Kōporēshon), formerly known as Index Corporation (株式会社インデックス, Kabushiki gaisha Indekkusu Kōporēshon), is a Japanese corporate information and communications technology company owned by Sawada Holdings. "Index Corporation" was a corporate name used by three different Japanese companies, between 1997 and 2016, the last one being founded in April 2014. All three incarnations of Index Corporation have been linked to the video game brand Atlus at one time or another. The original Index Corporation was founded in 1995 and acquired Atlus in 2006. It went bankrupt in June 2013 while still owning Atlus. In September 2013, Sega created the shell corporation Sega Dream Corporation with the sole intent of purchasing the assets of Index Corporation. Sega Dream was renamed Index Corporation in November 2013 and gained possession of Atlus' name and intellectual properties. On April 1, 2014, the new Index Corporation was renamed Atlus, but was amputated from its non-gaming business that Sega transferred the same day to a new company called Index Corporation. In 2015, Sega sold Index Corporation to Sawada Holdings. Index Corporation was renamed as iXIT Corporation in July 2016. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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