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Stefan Molyneux

Online broadcaster

1966   -  

country of citizenship: Canada
language of expression: English
educated at: University of Toronto, McGill University, York University, Humber College, National Theatre School of Canada, University of York
occupation: writer, novelist, podcaster, blogger, YouTuber, film director
influenced by: Ayn Rand, Aristotle, Socrates, Nathaniel Branden, Harry Browne

Stefan Basil Molyneux (; born September 24, 1966) is an Irish-born Canadian far-right white nationalist and white supremacist podcaster, blogger, author, political commentator, and banned YouTuber, who promotes conspiracy theories, scientific racism, eugenics, and racist views. As of September 2020, Molyneux has been permanently banned or permanently suspended from PayPal, Mailchimp, YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud, all for violating hate speech policies.Molyneux is described as a leading figure of the alt-right movement by Politico and The Washington Post, and as far-right by The New York Times. Tom Clements in The Independent describes Molyneux as "an alt-lite philosopher with a perverse fixation on race and IQ." Molyneux describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist.Multiple sources describe the Freedomain internet community as a cult, referring to the indoctrination techniques Molyneux has used as its leader.
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novel by Stefan Molyneux

author: Stefan Molyneux


The Art of the Argument

book by Stefan Molyneux

author: Stefan Molyneux


Real-Time Relationships

book by Stefan Molyneux

author: Stefan Molyneux


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