Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina

Italian journalist, writer and patriot (1815-1890)

1815   -   1890

country of citizenship: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Kingdom of Italy
languages spoken, written or signed: Italian
educated at: University of Naples Federico II
occupation: war correspondent, journalist, philosopher, writer, politician
position held: member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Italy

Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina (August 28, 1815 - March 29, 1890) was an Italian journalist, patriot and politician. Considered one of the greatest journalists of the 19th century and a pioneer of modern journalism, he is mostly remembered for his war correspondence. He wrote for many Italian papers and contributed to the press in France, Great Britain and Belgium. He was also a prolific novelist, mainly focused on religious themes.
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