Negation was a comic book series published from CrossGen. Tony Bedard was the writer for the entire run. Paul Pelletier was the artist for most of the issues, with an occasional fill-in artist on some issues. The series started with the Negation Prequel in late 2001. 27 regular issues followed the prequel. The series concerned a group of different alien races that had been taken prisoner and brought to the Negation universe. A number of the prisoners had innate superhuman powers while many, like Obregon Kaine, were ordinary humans. His tactical military experience made him able to lead the prisoners. He masterminded the plan that allowed a number of his fellow prisoners to escape the prison planet all of them were being held in. The series details the adventures which Kaine and the rest had in Negation space. The series ended with issue 27. CrossGen tried to wrap up all the dangling storylines in the Negation: War mini-series. CrossGen had to declare bankruptcy before the series could be finished. Only two issues of Negation: War were published. In October 2004, writer Tony Bedard was quoted laying out a design for the future of the characters in an interview.CrossGen released two trade paperback books which contained the first part of the series. Negation Volume 1: BOHICA Negation Volume 2: Baptism of FireTwo more books were released May 25, 2007: Negation Volume 3: Hounded Negation Volume 4: Shock and AweCrossGen Chronicles #7, Negation: Lawbringer, and the Mark of Charon mini-series were Negation-related books that CrossGen published. All the stories were written by Tony Bedard and expand the universe created in the main Negation series.
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