Ioan Slavici cover

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Ioan Slavici

Romanian writer

1848   -   1925

country of citizenship: Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Kingdom of Romania
languages spoken, written or signed: Romanian
educated at: Piarist High School, Timișoara
occupation: writer, philologist, journalist

Ioan Slavici (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈo̯an ˈslavitʃʲ]; 18 January 1848 – 17 August 1925) was a Romanian writer and journalist from Transylvania, later from Romania. He made his debut in Convorbiri literare ("Literary Conversations") (1871), with the comedy Fata de birău ("The Mayor's Daughter"). Alongside Mihai Eminescu he founded the Young Romania Social and Literary Academic Society and organized, in 1871, the Putna Celebration of the Romanian Students from Romania and from abroad. At the end of 1874, he settled in Bucharest, where he became secretary of the Hurmuzachi Collection Committee, then he became a professor, and then an editor of the newspaper Timpul ("The Time"). Alongside Ion Luca Caragiale and George Coșbuc, he edited the Vatra ("The Hearth") magazine. During World War I, he collaborated at the newspapers Ziua ("The Day") and Gazeta Bucureștilor ("The Bucharest Gazette"). He was awarded the Romanian Academy Award (1903).
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