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Kunio Yanagita

Japanese scholar and folklorist

1875   -   1962

country of citizenship: Japan
native language: Japanese
language of expression: Esperanto, Japanese
educated at: University of Tokyo Graduate School for Law and Politics, Kaisei Academy, 郁文館高等学校, first higher school
occupation: lexicographer, anthropologist, linguist, writer, Esperantist, university teacher, agronomist, folklorist, poet
award received: Order of Culture, Order of the Rising Sun, 1st class, Person of Cultural Merit, Asahi Prize
position held: Shokikanchō

Kunio Yanagita (柳田 國男, Yanagita Kunio, July 31, 1875 – August 8, 1962) was a Japanese scholar and considered the father of Japanese native folkloristics, or minzokugaku.
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Tōno Monogatari

boek van Kunio Yanagita

author: Kunio Yanagita


Kagyū Kō

boek van Kunio Yanagita

author: Kunio Yanagita


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