Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

date of foundation:  1974
official website:  www.uam.mx

The Metropolitan Autonomous University (Spanish: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana) also known as UAM, is a Mexican public research university. Founded in 1974 with the support of then-President Luis Echeverria Alvarez, the institution aims to be closely linked to the social and human environment.As an autonomous university, UAM is a public agency of the Mexican government. It has five academic units located in Mexico City and Greater Mexico City: Azcapotzalco, in north, Iztapalapa, in east, Cuajimalpa, in west, Xochimilco, in south, and Lerma in State of Mexico.), The institution is among the top academic universities in Mexico. In 2019, it ranked first among both public and private institution, was second in the number of full-time research professors with doctorates, according to the Comparative Study of Mexican Universities (Estudio Comparativo de Universidades Mexicanas); having the second largest number of built in National and Research System (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) the second in having researchers at Level 3 of the same researchers. One of the leading universities in Mexico to submit the highest number of research. And the second institution to have publications in refereed journals, such as the Institute for Scientific Information, Latindex and journals included in the Index of Mexican Journals of Scientific and Technological Research of the National Council of Science and Technology (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) and the second to have magazines within the Conacyt, it is also among the top four with the largest number of patents granted in Mexico. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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