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Mario Praz

Italian art collector, art historian, journalist and writer

1896   -   1982

country of citizenship: Italy, Kingdom of Italy
language of expression: Italian, English, French, German, Russian
educated at: University of Bologna, University of Florence
occupation: art collector, art historian, journalist, translator, university teacher, literary critic, writer
award received: Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Feltrinelli Prize, Serena Medal

Mario Praz (Italian: [ˈmaːrjo prats]; September 6, 1896, Rome – March 23, 1982, Rome) was an Italian-born critic of art and literature, and a scholar of English literature. His best-known book, The Romantic Agony (1933), was a comprehensive survey of the decadent, erotic and morbid themes that characterised European authors of the late 18th and 19th centuries (see Femme fatale for a reference of one of his chapters). The book was written and published first in Italian as La carne, la morte e il diavolo nella letteratura romantica in 1930; and the most recent edition was published in Florence by Sansoni in 1996.
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La carne, la morte e il diavolo nella letteratura romantica

Italian literature essay by Mario Praz

author: Mario Praz


Goût néoclassique

Goût néoclassique de Mario Praz (1896-1982), foisonnante somme d' essais et d'articles publiés dès 1939 et ensuite enrichi d'éditions en éditions, marque une date dans l' histoire du goût : signal de la réhabilitation du style néoclassique,

author: Mario Praz

The Romantic Agony

author: Mario Praz

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