Sibawayh cover

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Persian linguist

760   -   797

country of citizenship: Abbasid Caliphate
occupation: linguist
student of: Al-Khalil ibn Ahmad al-Farahidi

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Abū Bishr ʿAmr ibn ʿUthmān ibn Qanbar Al-Baṣrī (c. 760–796, Arabic: أبو بشر عمرو بن عثمان بن قنبر البصري‎), known as Sībawayh or Sībawayhi (سيبويه, pronounced Sibuyah in Persian, and Sībawayh in the Arabic tradition) was Persian, a leading grammarian of Basra and author of Arabic linguistics. His famous unnamed work, referred to as Al-Kitāb, or "The Book", (in five volumes) is a seminal encyclopedic grammar of the Arabic language.Ibn Qutaybah, the earliest extant source, in his biographical entry under Sibawayhi has simply: He is ʿAmr ibn ʿUthman, and he was mainly a grammarian. He arrived in Baghdad, fell in with the local grammarians, was humiliated and went back to some town in Fars, and died there while still a young man. The biographers, Ibn al-Nadim of the 10th century and Ibn Khallikan of the 13th, attribute Sibawayh with contributions to the science of language (i.e. Arabic language and linguistics) unsurpassed by those of former and latter times. He has been called the greatest of all Arabic linguists and one of the greatest linguists of all time in any language.
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