William T. Kirkpatrick

William Thompson Kirkpatrick (10 January 1848 - 22 March 1921) was an Irish teacher and grammar school headmaster. He is best known for having been the tutor of the two Lewis brothers from Belfast, Warnie Lewis and C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis, who would later become well known as a literary critic, novelist, and Christian apologist, lived as a resident pupil with Kirkpatrick from 1914-1917. In his autobiography, Lewis reports that he was significantly influenced by his tutor.
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C. S. Lewis cover

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C. S. Lewis

Christian apologist, novelist, and Medievalist



The Screwtape Letters

satirical, epistolary Christian apologetic novel by C. S. Lewis

author: C. S. Lewis


The chronicles of Narnia

author: C. S. Lewis

Mere Christianity

book by C. S. Lewis on the fundamentals of Christianity

author: C. S. Lewis


Till We Have Faces

1956 novel by C. S. Lewis; a retelling of Cupid and Psyche, based on its telling in a chapter of The Golden Ass of Apuleius

author: C. S. Lewis


The Problem of Pain

1940 book on the problem of evil by C. S. Lewis, in which Lewis argues that human pain, animal pain, and hell are not sufficient reasons to reject belief in a good and powerful God

author: C. S. Lewis


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