Hisham ibn Urwah

Muslim scholar

Hishām ibn ʿUrwah (Arabic: هشام بن عروة‎, c. 680 – c. 763) was a prominent narrator of hadith, son of Urwah ibn al-Zubayr, grandson of Zubayr ibn al-Awwam and Asma bint Abu Bakr. In Medinah, his pupils included people as well known as Malik ibn Anas.He was born in the year 61 A.H. (After Hijrah, c. 680) and died in the year 146 A.H. (c. 763)
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student of: Hisham ibn Urwah



يحيى بن يمان

muhàddith (transmissor i/o estudiós dels hadits)

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