Marcinelle school

grup de dibuixants de còmics belgues

The term "Marcinelle school" (French: École de Marcinelle) or "Charleroi school" (École de Charleroi) refers to a group of Belgian cartoonists formed by Joseph Gillain (known as Jijé) following World War II. ("Bande à quatre", "Gang of four", also consisting of Franquin, Morris and Will.) Marcinelle school cartoonists were all associated with the weekly magazine, Spirou, whose offices in the 1940s were located in the town of Marcinelle, near Charleroi in Belgium. The style of these cartoonists soon became the preferred in-house style for artists working at the influential Spirou magazine, and thus had a huge impact on the Belgian comics and Franco-Belgian comics scene, inspiring generations of cartoonists.
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