anti-war movement

Social movement opposed to a nation's status of armed conflict

An anti-war movement (also antiwar) is a social movement, usually in opposition to a particular nation's decision to start or carry on an armed conflict, unconditional of a maybe-existing just cause. The term anti-war can also refer to pacifism, which is the opposition to all use of military force during conflicts, or to anti-war books, paintings, and other works of art. Many activists distinguish between anti-war movements and peace movements. Anti-war activists work through protest and other grassroots means to attempt to pressure a government (or governments) to put an end to a particular war or conflict.
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movement: anti-war movement



Noam Chomsky cover

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Noam Chomsky

American linguist, philosopher and activist



Conditions on Transformations ( 1973 )

scientific article by Noam Chomsky

author: Noam Chomsky

Three Factors in Language Design ( 2005 )

scientific article

author: Noam Chomsky

Poverty of the stimulus revisited ( 2011 )

scientific article (publication date: 2011)

author: Noam Chomsky, Robert C. Berwick Paul Pietroski, Beracah Yankama

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