experimental literature

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Experimental literature is a genre that is, according to Professor Warren Motte of the University of Colorado in his essay Experimental Writing, Experimental Reading, "difficult to define with any sort of precision." He says the "writing is often invoked in an "offhand manner" and the focus is on "form rather than content." It can be in written form of prose narrative or poetry, but the text may be set on the page in differing configurations than that of normal prose paragraphs or in the classical stanza form of verse. It may also be entwined with images of a real or abstract nature, with the use of art or photography. Furthermore, while experimental literature was handwritten on paper or vellum, the digital age has seen an exponential leaning to the use of digital computer technologies.
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genre: experimental literature



1922 novel by James Joyce

author: James Joyce


Finnegans Wake

comic fiction by James Joyce

author: James Joyce


The Waves

novel by Virginia Woolf

author: Virginia Woolf


The Atrocity Exhibition

1970 collection of stories by J. G. Ballard

author: J. G. Ballard


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