literary form in traditional Japanese literature

Monogatari (Japanese: 物語, [monoɡaꜜtaɾi]) is a literary form in traditional Japanese literature – an extended prose narrative tale comparable to the epic novel. Monogatari is closely tied to aspects of the oral tradition, and almost always relates a fictional or fictionalized story, even when retelling a historical event. Many of the great works of Japanese fiction, such as the Genji Monogatari and the Heike Monogatari, are in the monogatari form.
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genre: monogatari


The Tale of Genji

classic work of Japanese literature

author: Murasaki Shikibu


Torikaebaya Monogatari

Japanese tale from the late Heian period

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

Japanese monogatari and folktale


Hamamatsu Chūnagon Monogatari

11th century Japanese monogatari

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