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Crónica (Portuguese for chronicle) is a Portuguese-language form of short writings about daily topics, published in newspaper or magazine columns. Crónicas are usually written in an informal, observational and sometimes humorous tone, as in an intimate conversation between writer and reader. Writers of crónicas are called cronistas. Newspaper crónicas had their inception in the 19th century, with the development of the press, inspired by the French Journal des débats; they flourished in the mid of the 20th century, with the urbanization process, musing about daily happenings and becoming more informal in nature. Crónicas, despite their ephemeral nature, are usually compiled in book anthologies. Some authors known by their crónicas are Machado de Assis, Rubem Braga, Fernando Sabino, Clarice Lispector, Paulo Mendes Campos, Rachel de Queiroz and Luis Fernando Verissimo.
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genre: cróniques



book by John Hersey

author: John Hersey


Ecrits libertaires

author: Albert Camus


Livro de Crónicas

colectânea de crónicas de António Lobo Antunes

author: António Lobo Antunes


O alienista

novella by Machado de Assis

author: Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis


Vários autores e várias obras

crónica de Lima Barreto

author: Lima Barreto

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