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Traditionally, an epic refers to a genre of poetry. More recently, however, the style has grown to encompass a broad range of media, wherein the story has a theme of grandeur and heroism, just as in epic poetry. For this reason, scholars argue that 'the epic' has long since become "disembedded" from its origins in oral poetry, appearing in successive narrative media throughout history.Nevertheless, along with poetry and literature in general, the contemporary understanding of 'the epic' genre includes theatre, film, television, music, and video games.
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genre: epic



1965 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert

author: Frank Herbert


Gone with the Wind

1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell

author: Margaret Mitchell


The Divine Comedy

epic poem by Dante Alighieri

author: Dante Alighieri

The Serious Game

book by Hjalmar Söderberg

author: Hjalmar Söderberg


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