Lost World fiction

subgenre of the fantasy or science fiction genre

The lost world is a subgenre of the fantasy or science fiction genres that involves the discovery of an unknown world out of time, place, or both. It began as a subgenre of the late-Victorian adventure romance and remains popular into the 21st century. The genre arose during an era when the remnants of lost civilizations around the world were being discovered by Westerners, such as the tombs of Egypt's Valley of the Kings, the semi-mythical stronghold of Troy, the jungle-shrouded pyramids of the Maya, and the cities and palaces of the empire of Assyria. Thus, real stories of archaeological finds by imperial adventurers succeeded in capturing the public's imagination. Between 1871 and the First World War, the number of published lost world narratives, set in every continent, increased significantly.The genre has similar themes to "mythical kingdoms", such as Atlantis and El Dorado.
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genre: Lost World fiction


A Journey to the Center of the Earth

1864 science fiction novel by Jules Verne

author: Jules Verne
illustrator: Édouard Riou


At the Mountains of Madness

novella by H. P. Lovecraft

author: H. P. Lovecraft


The Lost World

novel by Arthur Conan Doyle

author: Arthur Conan Doyle


The Lost World

1995 novel by Michael Crichton

author: Michael Crichton



american science fiction novel

author: Michael Crichton


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