The legal thriller genre is a type of crime fiction genre that focuses on the proceedings of the investigation, with particular reference to the impacts on courtroom proceedings and the lives of characters.The courtroom proceedings and legal authorship are ubiquitous characteristics of the legal thriller genre. In the genre, lawyers as legal professionals are featured as the supreme hero. Their actions in the courtroom affect the quality of character's lives, as they determine innocence prevailing against injustice.Many legal professionals such as judges and lawyers constitute the primary authorship of the genre, providing their own relevant experiences The legal authorship experience is certified through the novel, Presumed Innocent written by the lawyer and author, Scott Turow. American writers such as Harper Lee experienced her father's dealings as a lawyer.The author, John Grisham as a lawyer also contributes to the development of the legal thriller genre. Legal language is also another characteristic of the legal thriller. The television shows Suits and How to Get Away with Murder embody the legal thriller, characterised by legal language. Novels and television shows of the legal thriller genre have impacted education. Many address complex social justice issues such as racial discrimination and the death penalty. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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