non-legalistic exegetical texts in the classical rabbinic literature

Aggadah (Hebrew: אַגָּדָה‎ or הַגָּדָה‎; Jewish Babylonian Aramaic אַגָּדְתָא; "tales, fairytale, lore") is the non-legalistic exegesis which appears in the classical rabbinic literature of Judaism, particularly the Talmud and Midrash. In general, Aggadah is a compendium of rabbinic texts that incorporates folklore, historical anecdotes, moral exhortations, and practical advice in various spheres, from business to medicine.
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genre: Aggadah


מדרש תנחומא הקדום

book by Salomon Buber


Tseno Ureno

Book of Jacob ben Isaac Ashkenazi.

author: Jacob ben Isaac Ashkenazi


Sefer haYashar

midrash, named after the Book of Jasher mentioned twice in the Bible; covers biblical history from the creation of Adam and Eve up to the conquest of Canaan

author: anonymous

1552 or 1625

Midrash Eleh Ezkerah

aggadic midrash on the execution of the Ten Martyrs


Sammlung von mündlich überlieferten jiddischen Erzählungen

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