Punjabi Qissa

Punjabi literary genre

A Punjabi Qissa (Punjabi: پنجابی قصہ (Shahmukhi), ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਕ਼ਿੱਸਾ (Gurmukhi); Plural: Qisse) is a tradition of Punjabi language oral story-telling that came to South Asia with the fusion of local people and migrants from the Arabian peninsula and contemporary Iran.Where Qisse reflect an Islamic and/or Persian heritage of transmitting popular tales of love, valour, honour and moral integrity amongst Muslims, they matured out of the bounds of religion into a more secular form when it reached India and added the existing pre-Islamic Punjabi culture and folklore to its entity.
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genre: Punjabi Qissa


Heer Ranjha

popular tragic romances of Punjab

Sassi Punnu

sindhi Qissa

Puran Bhagat

qissa by Qadaryar

author: Qadaryar


Dil Khurshed

Qissa by Kazi Raheem Bakhsh

author: Kazi Raheem Bakhsh

Kesran Badshah ZadI Tatt Raja Inder Sain

Qissa by Pandit Bhagat Ram Ji Ahimadpur Niwasi

author: Pandit Bhagat Ram Ji Ahimadpur Niwasi

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