any story or setting that is derived from imagination, can be conveyed through any medium (films, books, audio plays, games, etc.)

Fiction broadly refers to any narrative that is derived from the imagination — in other words, not based strictly on history or fact.. It can also refer, more narrowly, to narratives written only in prose (the novel and short story), and is often used as a synonym for the novel.. In cinema it corresponds to narrative film in opposition to documentary as far as novel to feature film and short story to short film.
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genre: fiction


Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

novel by Mark Twain

author: Mark Twain

1884 or 1885

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

ارون دھتی رائے کا ناول

author: Arundhati Roy


The Green Ray

novel by Jules Verne

author: Jules Verne
illustrator: Léon Benett


Getting Even

book by Woody Allen

author: Woody Allen



historical fiction adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

author: Robert Louis Stevenson


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