The Cabinet of Light

book by Daniel O'Mahony

The Cabinet of Light was the ninth novella published by Telos Publishing Ltd. as part of their Doctor Who novellas series. It was written by Daniel O'Mahony, and was released as a standard edition hardback, and a deluxe edition featuring a frontispiece by John Higgins (ISBN 1-903889-19-7). Both editions had a foreword by Chaz Brenchley. The novella featured an unspecified future incarnation of the Doctor who appears to be travelling without a companion, although it is hinted that Emily Blandish may have been travelling with him. The story focuses mostly on Honoré Lechasseur, an ex-GI turned spiv who is searching for the Doctor. Although the novella is now out of print, the characters of Emily and Honoré continued their adventures in the Telos Time Hunter series of novellas. The book was not written with a spinoff series in mind, but was created by Telos after their licence to publish Doctor Who came to an end.
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