Ecotopia Emerging

book by Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia Emerging (EE) by Ernest Callenbach is a fictionalized history of the events leading up to the secession of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington to form the steady-state, environmentalist nation of Ecotopia along the Pacific Coast of the United States. In 1975, Callenbach had published a utopian novel called Ecotopia about the events; EE is the prequel, published in 1981. The EE story seems to take place in the 1990s; Callenbach assumes that the pro-business, anti-environmental Reagan-era policies—already evident at the time of publication—will have persisted in the United States after Reagan's presidency. Ecotopia has been extremely popular and influential. Although EE addresses the question of 'how to get there from here,' it has received much less attention. On its release, Publishers Weekly reviewed it as a “young adult” book.
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