Mastro-don Gesualdo


Mastro-don Gesualdo is an Italian novel written by Giovanni Verga, published in 1889. The first English edition, Mastro-don Gesualdo (1928), was translated by D. H. Lawrence and was published in London by Jonathan Cape. Giovanni Cecchetti, in his introduction to the 1979 edition, describes it as a masterpiece.The novel is divided into four parts, each of which is made up of several chapters.Mastro-don Gesualdo deals with Gesualdo Motta, a man who focuses his life on his economic assets instead of personal relationships, ending up crushed by the empty life he has created. Gesualdo lives in Vizzini (Sicily) during the Italian unification.
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I Malavoglia

book by Giovanni Verga

author: Giovanni Verga


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