Souvenir of Canada

book by Douglas Coupland

Souvenir of Canada is a 2002 book written by Canadian author Douglas Coupland. A feature film based on the book was released theatrically in 2006. In the book's introduction, Coupland states his intention was to author a book about Canada "that only Canadians would get." Souvenir of Canada is thus a book that is mostly about fairly obscure Canadian cultural matters, many of which reflect the author's own experiences growing up as a Canadian. Arranged alphabetically with some artistic exceptions, the book is a collection of essays on uniquely Canadian experiences and objects, such as bilingualism, Anglophilia, beer bottles, cigarette warning labels, Kraft macaroni and cheese, and the Trans-Canada Highway. Each item is given a witty summary by Coupland, often drawing on personal anecdotes. Most also feature a unique photographic illustration, either through stock footage or an original photo by Coupland himself. Though much of the book mocks Canadian nationalism and various national myths of Canada, Coupland states that he still considers himself patriotic. In analyzing various mundane items his intent is to show "another side" of Canadian culture that is less glamorous, but "still a part of who we are."
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