Kirby Award


The Jack Kirby Comics Industry Award was an award for achievement in comic books, presented from 1985-1987. Voted on by comic-book professionals, the Kirby was the first such award since the Shazam Awards ceased in 1975. Sponsored by Amazing Heroes magazine (which was published by Fantagraphics), and managed by Amazing Heroes managing editor Dave Olbrich, the Kirby Award was named after the pioneering writer and artist Jack Kirby.
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award received: Kirby Award



Marv Wolfman cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Marv Wolfman

American comic book writer



Crisis on Infinite Earths

author: Marv Wolfman

Superman : Man Of Steel

author: Marv Wolfman, John Byrne

God of War

comic book limited series

author: Marv Wolfman

Superman Returns

book by Marv Wolfman

author: Marv Wolfman


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