Millennium Technology Prize

the largest technology prize in the world

The Millennium Technology Prize (Finnish: Millennium-teknologiapalkinto) is one of the world's largest technology prizes. It is awarded once every two years by Technology Academy Finland, an independent fund established by Finnish industry and the Finnish state in partnership. The prize is presented by the President of Finland. The Millennium Technology Prize is Finland's tribute to innovations for a better life. The aims of the prize are to promote technological research and Finland as a high-tech Nordic welfare state. The prize was inaugurated in 2004.
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award received: Millennium Technology Prize



Tim Berners-Lee cover

photo credits: CC-BY-2.0

Tim Berners-Lee

British computer scientist, inventor of the World Wide Web



Publishing on the semantic web ( 2001 )

scientific article (publication date: 26 April 2001)

author: Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler

The Semantic Web Revisited ( 2006 )

scientific article (publication date: May 2006)

author: Tim Berners-Lee, Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadbolt

The Semantic Web ( 2001 )

classic 2001 article in Scientific American by TBL et al.

author: Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler, Ora Lassila

Linked Data: The Story So Far ( 2011 )

scientific article (publication date: 2011)

author: Tim Berners-Lee, Christian Bizer, Tom Heath

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