Inkpot Award

comics award

The Inkpot Award is an honor bestowed annually since 1974 by Comic-Con International. It is given to professionals in the fields of comic books, comic strips, animation, science fiction, and related areas of popular culture, at CCI's annual convention, commonly known as "San Diego Comic-Con". Also eligible are members of Comic-Con's Board of Directors and convention committee. The recipients, listed below, are known primarily as comics creators, including writers; artists; letterers; colorists; editors; or publishers; unless otherwise noted.
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award received: Inkpot Award



Ray Bradbury cover

photo credits: CC-BY-SA-2.0

Ray Bradbury

American author and screenwriter


Robert A. Heinlein cover

photo credits: CC-BY-SA-3.0-migrated

Robert A. Heinlein

American science fiction author


Theodore Sturgeon cover

photo credits: English Wikipedia

Theodore Sturgeon

American speculative fiction writer


Jean Giraud

French comics author

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