Prix du roman arabe

The Prix du roman arabe of the "Council of Arab Ambassadors" is a French literary award established in 2008. Its aim is to "reward a work of high literary value as well as consolidate the intercultural dialogue between the Arab world and France by putting forward Arabic literature translated or written directly in French." Placed under the aegis of the Council of Arab Ambassadors in France in partnership with the Institut du monde arabe, it is endowed with a sum of 15000 euros. In June 2012, Boualem Sansal received this award for his book Rue Darwin against the opposition of the Arab ambassadors who finance it due to Sansal's visit to Israel to speak at the Jerusalem Writers Festival. This disavowal resulted in the resignation of the jury member Olivier Poivre d'Arvor
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award received: Prix du roman arabe



Boualem Sansal cover

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Boualem Sansal

Algerian French-language writer



2084 : la fin du monde

book by Boualem Sansal

author: Boualem Sansal


Le Serment des barbares

roman algérien francophone

author: Boualem Sansal


The German Mujahid

author: Boualem Sansal


author: Boualem Sansal

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